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Measurement work. Splitting of Joint Pattas, House site patta,. Land Assignment work, Govt. Land Acquisition work for State. Govt, Central Govt and other Govt. undertakings Dept., Govt land alienation work. Identifying measuring encroachments on. Govt. land, maintenance of survey stones, pointing out field boundaries. The process was labor-intensive and time-consuming and, although each individual depth measurement could be accurate, even a thorough survey as a practical matter could include only a limited number of sounding measurements relative to the area being surveyed, inevitably leaving gaps in coverage between single. D. D. Shulman, Tamil Temple Myths. See also B. Oguibenine, Cosmic Tree in Vedic and Tamil Mythology Contrastive Analysis G. Kuppuswamy and M. Hari- haran, Bhajana Tradition in South India.. See also C. A. Ryerson, Meaning and Modernization in Tamil Nadu Tamil Nationalism and Religious Culture. 35.

In Ex.A1, pymash number as well as survey number is mentioned. Pymash number. Periaswami And Ors. vs The Government Of Tamil Nadu. on 22 April, 1987. property more. contain the survey number, pymash number or even the boundaries, would show that the denial of title by the petitioners. Madras High Court. English to Tamil Dictionary survey. Meaning and definitions of survey, translation in Tamil language for survey with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of survey in Tamil and in English language. To carry out the above mentioned objectives the following offices are functioning under the Department. 1) Commissionerate of Revenue Administration, Disaster Management and Mitigation. 2) Commissionerate of Land Administration. 3) Commissionerate of Land Reforms. 4) Commissionerate of Survey and Settlement.

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The specific information that PattaChitta extract contains include Patta number, survey number with subdivision details. Village, Taluk, District. If you want to know about Patta transfer procedure, you can read more about the Patta transfer procedure for Tamil Nadu and Chennai. If you would like to know. survey meaning, definition, what is survey an examination of opinions, behaviour, etc., made by asking people questions. Learn more.