What Is My Numerology Year

Step into 2017 knowing your Numerology for the year, and the influence it has over every facet of your life!

Now add the resulting single digits together to get the Life Path Number. Month3 Day1 Year2 3 1 2 6. The Life Path number is 6. divider2. Felicia-Bender Felicia Bender, Ph.D. is The Practical Numerologist and author of Redesign Your Life Using Numerology To Create The Wildly Optimal You. You can get.

Ever since my early teens, I wrote down the birth date of people that I knew in order to conduct my own astrology and numerology research. Below are my own personal findings for what you might expect in your Personal Year in numerology, which may greatly differ from other numerologists because they are based on my. How to easily calculate what personal year you are in according to numerology. What your main focus should be and where you are in the Nine Year Cycle. is a 1 Universal Year, marking the beginning of a new cycle. In Numerology, its a year where things start to move forward again and pick up momentum.. The key is to think curiosity rather than my way or the highway. This is an expansive cycle when we are open to exploring solutions that are new and. The Personal Year is one of the most important cycles in a numerology chart. Numerology Predictions. Although 2017 is well under way, its not too late to check out your predictions for the remaining months! 2017 will be a year for great progression! In numerology, 2017 is considered as year 1, which means itll be a year for plenty of new elements and lots of hope! 2017 looks to be a year full of. Your Personal Year Numerology is your guide to divine timing. Every year, as the calendar changes, so does your numerology. You can plan for success. It is not the easiest calculation in numerology, so you will need to be attentive. There are also some distinctions between the essence number cycle and the personal year cycle number that need to be taken into account. The essence cycle number and personal year number are combined in a specific and slightly. It is important to note that the collective universal world energy number of the year can also influence you greatly, and sometimes even override or interplay with the energies of your personal year. It is helpful to know both, which is also why I provide universal year information in my yearly psychic forecast messages, articles.

what is my numerology year

What is your personal year number for this year? Submit your month and day of birth to the current year in this numerology calculator and find out! Numerology 2016 - What does the year 2016 hold for you? highlight1Welcome to Numerology 2016!highlight1 Universal Year Number What does 2016 hold in store when we look at the new year THE 9 YEAR CYCLE. 9 Year numerology The 9 YEAR is the end of an era. Going back to claim your future. What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.. A more detailed version of the yearly forecasts can be found in my book LIFE CYCLES. I regularly notice how certain numbers appear to me frequently and, although I have faith in numerology, I am still always amazed at how each number meaning makes absolute sense in relation to whatever I am going through at the time. Each year I work with my personal year number and use it as my. Personal Year in Numerology. How do I get my Personal Year Number? Our birth dates hold the secret to our destinies. Discovering your destiny numbers for 2017 is relatively easy. To find your personal year for 2017, first you must add your birth day and month to the universal year of 2017 and bring the total to a. Cycles Explained. The Numerology Cycles will provide you with the information you need to know in order to succeed during any period of your life. The formula to figure your personal cycle is as follows Birth month Birth day Year of last birthday - then reduce until you get a single digit number John was born May 23,. Ever since I was a child I have had a passionate curiosity for numbers and their unique vibratory potentials. I have a fond memory of my early years, playing in the garden and counting the petals on flowers such that I would know the energy of the plants. Now as an adult, my passion for numerology has. For a clue as to what lies ahead in the coming year, calculate your personal year using this formula First, reduce the month and day of your birth, your birthday, to a single digit. Using my birthday for example, February 8th, that single digit would be 1 (2810 101). If your month and day total comes to 11 or 22, the master. For a clue as to what lies ahead in the coming year, calculate your personal year by adding the. month you were born the day you were born the current year. All double digits are added together. A cycle is 9 years as 10 becomes (10) or 1. My birthday is February 17. The current year is 2016. That looks like this.